About Jade Moon Aesthetics

Healing the natural way

I started Jade Moon Aesthetics for my daughter. Nothing the doctor gave me for her eczema worked. The skin on her cheek turned from the beautiful brown tone of her skin to white like paper. Her arms would bleed, she had trouble sleeping and would scratch all through the night. She was so uncomfortable.

So I started to do my own research and I looked into different natural butters, oils, and essential oils that help treat various skin conditions, especially eczema. After a couple of months, I got in my kitchen and started whipping up my first butter “Sweet Baby Jesus” , my miracle worker. After about a month of using my Sweet Baby Jesus Body Butter, her color started to return and the eczema on her legs and arms faded. I started using it on myself and it started to give my skin a radiant glow. When my stretch marks started to fade, I realized how life changing my product was.

Jade Moon Aesthetics is for people who are fed up with not getting the treatment they need from creams and medicines that doctors prescribed. It's time that we care for and appreciate our largest organ - the skin - with all natural products and that's what Jade Moon Aesthetics is here to help you with.

- Chantel Devaun, Founder and CEO of Jade Moon Aesthetics

What separates Jade Moon Aesthetics from other skincare lines?

The ingredients in my products include butters and oils that are not traditionally used, but are all natural with amazing healing and nourishing properties. My products heal scars, wounds, marks, and treat skin conditions from the inside out by soaking into the skin to leave you with beautiful, glowing skin.

Healing butters and oils like Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Kukui Oil, Primrose Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Calendula Oil make our formula unique and effective.